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WordPress Mobile Admin Plugin Version 2.0

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Last month we published a new mobile plugin to the wordpress.org plugin repository called WordPress Mobile Admin. It won’t surprise you to hear that it does exactly what it says on the tin and mobilizes your WordPress control panel.

Prior to creating the plugin, we canvased a number of power mobile bloggers and asked their opinions on what features would be useful in a mobile plugin. We didn’t want to completely re-create the WP dashboard on mobile, but rather create a dashboard with features that would only be appropriate whilst you’re using your handset.

Top Features

It became pretty obvious that creating posts, being able to upload photos and moderate comments were the most popular requests, so they were installed as the top priorities and implemented pretty much straight away. Another top priority was to make the mobile dashboard look and feel like the web dashboard as much as possible as we wanted to keep the user experience as consistent as possible. The theory being that if you’ve used the WordPress control panel on web, you should know where everything is on mobile without having to look around too much.

And with those tasks done, the plugin was released. Job done – well, almost..

Upgrades and downgrades

As with any software, there are plenty of bug reports, feature requests and performance upgrades that all require implementing – so after collating them all, they were entered into Trac, were prioritised and worked on.

One of the most interesting feature requests that came in was for the mobile plugin to work on PHP4. We’ve always made it a requirement in our plugins (not just wordpress) that you had to have SimpleXML and as this came as standard with PHP5 – you needed this too. But we found an awesome class on phpclasses.org called SimpleXML for PHP4 by Taha Paksu, that with a little tweaking, did the same job as the native SimpleXML functions.

By wrapping the class creation in a function called “simplexml_load_string” (and wrapping that inside a if !function_exists(’simplexml_load_string’)), we’d got SimpleXML functionality with PHP4 – result!

In addition to this, we’ve added features so you can manage your tags and categories on mobile as well as create tags inside posts – all in the same way you’d do on web. We’ve also replicated the admin colour scheme switcher so if you prefer the Blue theme to Gray, you can display that on your phone!

Cutting to the chase – here is the list of features and new functionality that have been bundled into version 2.0.

New Feature list

  • Removed dependancy on simpleXML – now works with PHP4
  • Footer now present on Login page – frames page nicely
  • Added edit post tags page
  • Added delete/add post tags
  • Added edit categories page
  • Added delete/add categories
  • Added customized colour schemes
  • Added ability to edit tags when adding/editing a post
  • Bug fix: Show correct number of posts on edit posts page
  • Bug fix: Fixed pingbacks on comments page

No more dependancies

What this means is that we’ve been able to completely remove the “Things you must have..” section in the readme file for WordPress Mobile Admin. All dependancies have been removed and another barrier to mobile has been removed! We’re going to be rolling out the same PHP4 upgrades across all of our other plugins – keep an eye out for those if you’ve been waiting for that feature!

If you want to check out the new version of WordPress Mobile Admin for yourself, head over to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mobile-admin/ and download it. Alternatively, if you search for “wordpress mobile admin wapple” in the Add New Plugin section on your own WordPress control panel, you can install it automatically.

If there are any other features you’d like to see in the next version, leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Harry Says:

    I just installed the mobile admin plug in and got my dev key. For some reason, it’s completely taken my admin page both mobile and web, as well as my blog itself mobile and web, completely offline! Nothing loads. On the web I get the following error:

    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

    I’m going to have to go in via ftp and delete this plug in so my site is back up again. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  2. Harry Says:

    Ok, for whatever reason, it’s back up and I didn’t change anything.

    However, why is the “choose file” button grayed out, not allowing me to attach a file? I have file uploads turned on in my profile settings.

  3. Rich Gubby Says:

    Hey Harry – thanks for leaving a message – glad it wasn’t wordpress mobile admin causing your error – maybe a temporary issue with your host?

    Anyway – onto your greyed out “choose file” button – are you using an iPhone?

  4. Harry Says:

    Yes, using an iphone.

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