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How you will benefit from it

If you’ve done even the smallest research on mobile web you will have discovered it’s a mine field out there of mixed messages and problems that could make your life hell.  You might have started to doubt whether its even possible to mobilize successfully and  no doubt you’ve got a bunch of questions that need answering:

How go I get my content to fit on ALL of the mobile web devices out there?
How do I detect all of those different mobile browsers and devices and exactly how many different mobile handsets are out there?
Everyone’s got an iPhone right?
How do I make a successful Mobile Marketing campaign?
Can I make a mobile website look like my main website?
Can older mobile handsets handle video, graphics and exciting features?
Should I even bother – how many people use the mobile web anyway?
Can I get my website url or domain ‘mobilized’ so that people can access the content easily on their phone browser?
Do I have to buy a .mobi?
What content do people want to consume on mobile?
Apps are cool aren’t they?  How do I make an app for all different handsets?
Can I make money from my mobile site?

Mobile web junkie is educational, it will answer all of your questions, simplifies the design and development process and provides great tools to make you successful!  It’s the fountain of knowledge from mobile web pioneers Wapple –

Got a specific question or subject matter you want us to discuss then contact us and we WILL respond.

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